Cinema Improv Podcast Episode 1!!

I am very excited to announce the release of my new podcast called Cinema Improv! You can check out the first episode on iTunes or here on my site!

The original idea for this podcast was to create a new, exciting and fun environment for people to come over and improvise at my little recording studio. I went out and bought a projector and a big screen with the thought that if I played some visually interesting movies while we were playing, it would take the music in cool new direction. 
I put a lot of thought into which movies to play and which players to invite, but I purposely don’t give much instruction at the beginning of each session. I want the music to be organic and come from a relaxed place where anything can happen. There are no wrong notes!
Sometimes what comes out is very soundtracky and other times full songs pop up out of nowhere. I’ve noticed time and time again that through the session there are peaks and valleys and most of the time the most inspired, interesting music comes after pushing and finding our way through the boring, muddy stuff.
Then after recording each movie session, I edit the whole thing down to around 44 min, cutting out the mud and leaving in the peaks. I settled on 44 min because thats the maximum amount of time that can fit on a vinyl record- an album of songs cut from a fully improvised soundtrack to a movie.