I'm a drummer, percussionist and producer based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Growing up in Virginia, music has been a part of my life since I first sat down at a piano at age seven. After college and a stint at The Collective School of Music, I settled in New York City in 2004, and never looked back. Im always studying and searching for new forms of expression with the constant hope of expanding my musical horizons. I love to play live, I love to record music, I love working on soundtracks, I love to tour, I love to help people with their music and I love to teach. Lots of love going around.


These days Ive also been known to play a casual show here & there with: Anders Osborne, Todd Sheaffer & Andrew Altman (Railroad Earth), The National Reserve, Chris Harford & The Band of Changes, Leroy Justice, The LeeVees, Jon LaDeau, Jambalaya Brass Band, Fang Percussion Ensemble (feat Billy Martin), and The Everyone Orchestra


I play Istanbul agop cymbals

They are handmade in Turkey and are super musical and inspiring instruments. Check em out!