Along with being available for larger studio sessions, I have a small recording studio located in Brooklyn called The Butler's Quarters, where I'm able to record drums, percussion, and overdubs.  I am set up to record tracks for your songs or soundtracks remotely and send back quickly online.

Contact me for info on availability & rates. 

recent drum tracks

Gear List:

Coles 4038 Ribbon
Telefunken M82 Dynamic
(2) Audio Technica 4047SV LDC
Beyerdynamic M 160 Hypercardioid Ribbon
Russian RM-BIV2 Stereo Ribbon
Shure SM7B Dynamic
Electro-Voice RE-20 Dynamic
Vintage Electro-Voice 635A Omni Dynamic
Aston Spirit Multi Pattern LDC
Solomon LoFReQ Sub Mic
Shure SM57 Dynamic
Shure SM57 Transformerless Granelli Mod Dynamic
Audix i5 Dynamic
Sennheiser e835 Dynamic
CAD D189 Supercardioid Dynamic

Outboard Gear:
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad, Duo and Satellite (8) Preamps
Vintage Benchmark MPS-420 (4) Preamps
Avedis Ma5 (2) Preamps
Rascal Audio Two-V (2) Preamps
Vintage Ampeg SVT Tube DI
Strymon El Capistan Tape Echo and Reverb

Large variety of modern and vintage drums and cymbals
Huge assortment of world percussion
Metallic percussion from Morfbeats, Krall and Engelhart
Vintage vibraphone and orchestra bells
Fender P Bass & Deluxe Telecaster
Vintage Yamaha FG-140 acoustic guitar
Vintage Moog and modern Korg Minilogue synths
Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano
Variety of soft synth and drum machine plugins